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Birthday:3rd Aug! *Hint* Location:Sunny Singapore! (no its not somewhere in China!)
When did you start drawing? Sadly, I started drawing pretty late. I've only developed an interest in drawing about a few months back and I'm sure can be seen in my very amateurish work. But I'm trying my best to improve, so hopefully, you'll get to see better art in the later pages. I'm not taking any art classes as I really don't have the time, so I'm mostly reading up books on drawing and learning from observation. I'm basically drawing this comic for fun and I have no plans to become an artist.

Ater Atra Atrum?
I had the idea of some bitter and unfortunate girl who hates the entire world because of her circumstances. This idea slowly evloved into Ater Atra Atrum. BTW Ater Atra Atrum means dark/darkness and as the story proceeds, you'll understand why.

How long is Ater Atra Atrum going to be?
Ohhhh... that's a tricky question. Well it could be long, it could be short. I have many stories ideas to add in, but I do have the main plot. So how long the comic is going to be depends on how many story ideas I'm going to add in and also how much time I have.

How is the Ater Atra Atrum universe like?
Its very much similar to our world. Its more like some parallel dimension except there's magic and undead creatures etc.
You can contact me at moonelf_fay@hotmail.com

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